About The Write Stuff

The Write Stuff is an online editing, publishing and writing guide based on my 35 years of editing, writing, studies, and teaching fiction and non-fiction writers. I edit books for clients around the country, lead weekly creation groups and monthly workshops in the Austin area, and teach a Finishing School class that helps writers complete their works. My debut novel is Viral Times, a futuristic thriller about a pandemic that can change how the world heals and loves.

A two-time finalist in the Writer’s League of Texas manuscript contests, for memoir and historical fiction, I’ve reported over the radio, acted in Shakespeare plays and melodramas in Austin. I walk my standard poodle Tess Harding less often than she’d like. A teaching volunteer at the Austin Bat Cave literacy program in schools, I coach writers, edit books, and play a part in helping authors with novels and memoirs.

See The Writer’s Workshop for editing services, groups and retreats. Come play on a Creation Night in Austin’s only Amherst Writers & Artists creativity group. I lead from the practice that everyone can write. The Workshop serves authors with content editing, manuscript and synopsis critiques, workshops, and story coaching. Powered by the Amherst Writers & Artists practices, our Finishing School, Deep Reads, and Creation Nights take your book from inspiration to publication.

The Workshop also has a Facebook page, where writers and alumni can join to exchange work and tips, or chat about writing and what they’re reading. See my Twitter feed for news and tips about writing and publishing. See the Workshop’s YouTube channel for short videos on fundamentals of writing and creativity. Your emails to ron@workshopwriter.com are most welcome.

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